Coming Soon: Full online visual access to the Rosenberg Quilt Collection

Thanks to a generous grant from the University of Alberta’s Material Culture Institute, the Alvin and Gloria Rosenberg Quilt Collection will soon be accessible online. Overall photographs of each quilt, front and back, as well as detail views of selected objects, have been taken, and will be made available for research and study. The photographs will be linked to individual object records in the database of the Human Ecology Clothing and Textiles Collection, at

The quilt collection, donated to the University of  Alberta in 2006, and first exhibited in part in 2007, consists of 677 antique Canadian, American, and British quilts gathered during Gloria Rosenberg’s career as a collector and dealer in Toronto. It was valued at $500,000, but its historical importance garnered it Canadian Cultural Property status, marking it as irreplaceable.

Ongoing efforts to effectively store and document the quilts will contribute to their preservation for future generations. Digital images, available on the Internet, will give people access to this important resource of historical textile arts, facilitating the study of quilt culture and practice around the world. Check back here for updates on online photograph access.